Source of inspiration

The Vale Scene is one of the finest dioramas anywhere.

It's a source of inspiration for modellers whatever their interests.

 It contains over 100 completely accurate models of real structures that have been carefully measured and sketched. The models are all at the scale of 4mm to 1 foot (approx 30 cm).  Some of the buildings have taken over 1,000 hours to construct. 

The Vale Scene has over a scale mile of railway line on which exact copies of trains run in correct formation. 

Note the attention to details (such as gardens, people, vehicles) that make the scene so realistic.

On the first Sunday of each month members of the Pendon modelling team are on site and this can be an especially interesting time for modellers to visit.

We have a very comprehensive programme of modelling workshops covering a variety of topics through which we help modellers to acquire and develop skills. Look in What's On for details.

Images to whet your appetite!

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