3D Photograph Collection

Pendon are pioneers of 3D scale model photography

As well as their visual interest, these photographs illustrate the craftsmanship of Pendon modellers in ways that aren't readily apparent during a museum visit. 

The first set of photographs, the '2018 Series' were published by BRM magazine in early 2018.

The '2019 Series' is a later set published by BRM in Autumn 2018.

The 'Mega Panorama' was first shown at The London Festival of Railway Modelling in March 2019.

Over Easter 2019 we have an exhibition of a selection of the latest photographs. Full details are here.

While at Alexandra Palace for The 2019 London Festival of Model Railways we took some 3D photographs of exhibited layouts. You will find these here too.

Viewing the 3D photographs

You need anaglyph 3D glasses to view the photos. They can be obtained  from Amazon. Search for 'anaglyph 3D glasses' where you will find several options from around £2.00 per pair. Anaglyph glasses are the ones with one red and one blue lens. Friends of Pendon can obtain a pair from the Friends Secretary.

When you view the photos, put on the anaglyph 3D glasses and give your eyes a moment or two to acclimatise. The thumbnails expand to full size when you tap or click them.

'2018 Series' Photographs

These photographs, taken in late 2017 by Paul Ellis, were exhibited at Pendon over New Year and Easter 2018.

'2019 Series' Photographs

A selection of these photographs are being exhibited at Pendon over Easter 2019. You can find details in WHAT'S ON.

2019 'Mega Panorama'

This panorama was produced for the 2019 London Festival of Railway Modelling. It consist of over 200 individual photographs stitched together.

2019 London Festival of Model Railways

These are a selection of photographs take by Paul Ellis during the exhibition.