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Friends of Pendon

Support the Museum's Development  

Without the continuing support of our Friends we cannot continue to develop our exhibits, their preservation and interpretation. 

Exclusive Access to a Wealth of Purpose-Made Materials

We regularly publish exclusive material for Friends on Friends Place. You will find details of the material available exclusively to Friends here. It explains the benefits of membership.

Exclusive Events for Friends

Each year we organise evenings exclusively for Friends at the museum with an invited speaker. We record these evenings and post the video on Friends Place so that all Friends have access at their convenience.

These are our ways of offering a big "thank you" for the support that Friends provide.

Two Membership Options:

Individual members pay an annual minimum fee of £22.00 

Family membership covers up to 2 adults and 2 children (under 16 years) with a minimum fee of £33.00 per year

Friends have the option to pay more at their discretion.

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