Pendon needs you

Have you considered joining the Pendon Museum team? 

We need volunteers in our team that run the museum when we are open.  We need also to strengthen our support teams in which a number of roles may be largely carried out from home.

While we need a diverse set of talents and interests, all our volunteers are bound together by a shared passion for two things: 

  • helping all generations to understand how today relates to that past period on which Pendon Museum is focused        
  • fostering an interest in the craft of modelling and inspiring today's and tomorrow's modellers.

By contributing a little of your time you can make a difference to Pendon and to the experience we give to our visitors. You will be involved in a venture that is recognised globally for its excellence and that provides a lasting representation of past times for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of many people of all ages.

Here is a checklist of relevant talents and interests and if you think you tick any boxes do please contact us - you can make a difference: 

As part of the museum visitor team:

  • helping visitors, individuals and family groups, to have the best possible experience at Pendon
  • sharing information and knowledge about social history, vernacular architecture, transport and its evolution, and about modelling

As part of our support team:

  • expertise in building maintenance, electronics, interior design
  • outreach expertise including marketing, PR and with social media
  • know-how in event management and activity planning for all ages
  • commercial expertise in legal, fundraising, financial and personnel matters.

People often make a contribution to several of these activities, learning new skills while offering the benefit of their previous experience.

We are looking for a mix of people - of varying age, gender, ethnicity, and background - to provide the diversity that gives organisations like us an extra strength.

Finally, remember that the museum is run by volunteers and almost entirely staffed by volunteers. 

    If you are curious to know more we'd be delighted to chat about how you could help Pendon Museum continue to pursue it's dream. Preferably we'd like to do this initially by phone or Zoom. Whether you're definitely interested, or just want to hear a little more, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Tim Peacock or call  01865407365. We'd love to hear from you.