Around the Vale: Inns and Pubs

In the 1930s most villages had more than one pub or inn and in our village of Pendon Parva and its surrounding area there are 8 in all. 

For a long time pubs played an important role in village life. They were a gathering place, mainly for men, and some spent many evening hours in the pub, drinking and playing games such as dominoes and the card game cribbage. In summer, there might also an outdoor game called Aunt Sally - a form of skittles.

Historically, inns were an important part of the travel infrastructure and provided sustenance and accommodation for travellers. The increasing importance, diversity, and economy of railway and road transport meant that demand for these services declined. But, new opportunities were emerging - for example, weekend cycling and motoring became important pastimes for town-dwellers. Some pubs adapted to the changing world and flourished, but many were adapted for other purposes. In the Vale Scene we have pubs and inns that reflect most elements of this story.  Some have embraced the world of leisure and increased travel, some have been converted to new purposes such as housing. 

If you take the Full Tour you will explore the different types and locations of these premises, starting in the east at The Railway Inn, Culham and finishing at the Bakers Arms in Badbury. Alternatively, if you are interested in a specific pub simply click on its pin. If you hover over a pin you will see the name and location of the pub.

Updated January 2020