Joining the Friends of Pendon

Friends support Pendon through membership donations and with their encouragement and interest

Developing and maintaining the museum takes considerable volunteer time  and expense.  Friends make a big contribution to the funding of this endeavour and also, through their enthusiasm, support our modellers, guides and other staff in what we are doing.

To join please go to Join the Friends and complete a membership form.  Alternatively call the museum office on a weekday morning.

Friends commit to an annual donation of at least £17.00 per year. That's it.

Friends enjoy a growing range of benefits that include:
      -  unlimited complimentary access during normal opening days

      -  invites to 'Friends-only' events

      -  exclusive publications including Pendon Paper 

     -  web-based resources exclusive to Friends. Details in The Friends Place

     -  discounts on purchases from the museum shop and the webshop.

If you like to know about more about the aims of the museum please take a few moments to look at the Aims of the Museum which we hope convince you of the merits of becoming a supporter.