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6 July: Pendon Live! Ridgeway hillforts

Featuring Professor Gary Lock

Celebration of museum reopening and opportunity to enjoy the Vale

Featured is a talk by archeologist Professor Gary Lock of Oxford University, an expert in later British prehistory and especially hill forts, their landscapes and meaning. The Vale of the White Horse is looked over by a series of Iron Age hillforts positioned on the Ridgeway, the most well known being Uffington Castle and its associated White Horse. The Uffington White Horse is an iconic landscape feature that we are all familiar with, but what do we know about the people who may have constructed and used it and the hillforts? 

This talk will address this through the detailed excavations of three hillforts, Uffington Castle, Segsbury Camp and Alfred’s Castle. By comparing the evidence from these three sites we can build up a picture of the life of later prehistoric people and assess the importance of these enigmatic and spectacular monuments.

There will be a short Pendon video exploring Badbury and Wanborough villages - where the Pendon story began: and description of a walk up Liddington Castle, which is the prototype for the museum's hill fort.

This Zoom-based event will be about 80 minutes long with opportunities for questions.

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    Exhibitions and Events

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    Exhibitions and Events

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