Online Jigsaw Puzzles

We regularly update the selection of free new digital jigsaws which are based on Pendon's photograph collection. 

The latest update (October 2022) has jigsaws of the MSWJR line in the Vale Scene. The jigsaws are available in each of the 'difficulty' categories.

The puzzles are split into four groups depending on number of pieces and difficulty.  Click on a group and you will be taken to the choice of jigsaws in that category. 

For Children 50 pieces, about 10 minutes

Medium 100 pieces, about 20 minutes

Advanced 200 pieces, about 80 minutes

Expert 300 pieces, about 120 minutes

Hidden Gems 300 pieces, about 120 minutes

Challenging 300 pieces, about 120 minutes

Important features
There are four icon buttons on the left below the puzzle, starting from the left:
First button (“landscape”) brings up a picture of the puzzle,  Click on this to see a menu of choices for the size of the picture.  
Second button (“ghost”) puts a faint image of the picture on screen - useful for young children.  Click again on the button to remove the ghost image.
Third button (“square”) allows you to arrange or disarrange the pieces.  When “arranged” they will be clear of the puzzle space and if “disarranged they may not be.  
Fourth button (“line”) allows you to restart the puzzle, to change the background colour, to change other settings and gives access to a useful Help section.
To move a piece, when the cursor is over the piece click and hold the left mouse button, move the piece then release the mouse button to release the piece.  Whenever you bring two mating pieces close to each other and release the mouse button the pieces click into place.  If they don’t, they are not mating pieces.

Above the puzzle to the right is the “Play As” dropdown menu.  Here you can choose a different number of pieces for the puzzle and and there is a “Custom” setting that provides shape options and “rotation” - random orientation of the pieces!