Welcome to Pendon Museum

Pendon recaptures scenes showing the beauty of the English countryside as it was in the 20s and 30s.

Clifton Hamden bridge works (19th-20th September)

Over the weekend of 19th / 20th September, visitors to the museum are advised to check whether the Clifton Hamden bridge is closed as this may affect travel plans. You can check the latest status of roadworks here.

Visitors to Pendon:

  • enjoy an informative and interactive 90 minute tour covering three indoor galleries
  • see some of the finest model landscapes, buildings and trains ever constructed
  • experience a warm and personal welcome from our volunteer staff
  • have access to a small cafĂ© and souvenir shop.

Highly realistic models recall the landscape of the period and trains provide a fascinating record of the railways of the time and how they operated.

Please take a look at the Gallery to sample the fascination of Pendon. There are some great panoramic images.