British 4mm Fine-scale Railway Modelling

Explaining its evolution

From 2 June to 2 December 2018

The exhibition tells the story of how finescale railway modelling evolved from the crude early models of the Edwardian era, through commercial models of the interwar years, to the major advances made in the 1960s and 1970s, particularly highlighting the impact made by Protofour.

 Using text, pictures, models and components, the displays allow visitors to follow the concepts and developments during that period. Pendon has its part to play in this story, but of course many others have contributed to the quality of current railway modelling and operation.

The exhibition is accessible during Pendon’s normal opening times as part of the standard admission. 

There will be several special events:

- The weekend of 2nd/3rd June will feature two P4 exhibition layouts, Lower Exbury and St Merryn, offering the chance to view their operation in a relaxed environment and speak with their owners

- The weekend of 1st/2nd December will feature the iconic P4 layout Bodmin.

2nd and 3rd June: Featured layouts    

Lower Exbury 

Lower Exbury was constructed by one person with no previous model-making experience at all, in the space of about 20 months during the period 2009 - 2011. She demonstrated that, using a combination of new techniques then becoming available together with some more traditional methods, a good model to P4 standards could be built in a relatively quick timeframe and then enjoyed both at home and at exhibitions.Ownership of the layout has since changed, and further developments are planned which will ensure that enjoyment continues for many more years.

St. Merryn

Construction of St. Merryn was started during the 1990s, by a small group of modellers working to P4 standards. They were neither experts nor beginners, and the techniques employed, which were those generally available at the time, have mostly endured well. If starting again, some subsequent developments would be warmly embraced, whilst for other aspects of the modelling the ‘tried and tested’ approach would probably prevail. The builders’ aim has been a model railway which both looks realistic and operates reliably, within the constraints imposed by the need to make it easily transportable.


Exhibition of 3D Photographs

New perspectives of The Vale

Anaglyph 3D photographs of the Vale Scene.