Exhibitions and Events

7 and 8 September: Demonstration of Arun Quay

Gordon and Maggie Gravett's latest diorama

Gordon and Maggie Gravett will be demonstrating Arun Quay all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Arun Quay came about because of a desire to build a small ‘0’ gauge layout that could easily be transported to exhibitions in a car. Its an example of a diorama that, while small, is  visually interesting and gives the impression of spatial surroundings.  It is also an example of lightweight construction that is easy to transport. 

Gordon has been making models for as long as he can remember, from detailing a train set (Tri-ang, in his case) and then working in EM after joining Crawley Model Railway Society. After a break from modelling, interest in the hobby was rekindled after the opportunity to build maritime models professionally which he did for nearly thirty years. 

Gordon likes the social surrounding of others at an exhibition for the operation of a layout along with the general discussion of ideas and techniques over a modelling demonstration or workshop. For this reason, both Pempoul, a French metre gauge layout built to 1:50 scale by Maggie and Gordon, and his current 7mm scale layout Arun Quay, are operated from the front - where interaction with others is very rewarding.

Although the railway may be the main focus, Gordon’s interest goes way beyond the railway fence and trying to capture the atmosphere of a particular area or scenario. He thinks that observation is very important and we can learn so much whether it be architecture or the natural landscape through to the social history of a particular area. The hobby of building model railways has the ability to enrich our knowledge in so many ways.

Exhibitions and Events

Madder Valley Railway

John Ahern’s famous pioneering Madder Valley layout. It is operated on selected days during the year.

Exhibitions and Events

30 and 31 May 2020: Faringdon

Iconic model railway demonstrated at Pendon

Details coming soon