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30 and 31 May 2020: Demonstration of 'Faringdon'

Iconic model railway demonstrated at Pendon

This weekend offers a special opportunity to see Stephen Williams’s award winning layout “Faringdon” in its spiritual home at Pendon. Stephen began the construction of Faringdon in 1980, not long after he joined Pendon as an architectural and railway modeller and over the course of the next 15 years the creation of Faringdon was directly shaped and greatly inspired by Stephen’s experiences at Pendon. 

It is also appropriate that Faringdon is being exhibited at Pendon as the real Faringdon branch, which joined the GWR mainline at Uffington, was the only true branch line in the Vale of White Horse itself and was a feature of the Vale landscape for over a century. The layout depicts Faringdon station near the end of its working life and features a model of the actual branch train of the time, as well as a selection of typical BR(WR) branch trains that were not seen at the real Faringdon but which are included to bring variety for exhibition work.

The layout, which is in 4mm scale and runs on P4 (18.83mm) gauge track, was entirely hand-built using Pendon techniques for most aspects of its’ construction to create a model of museum standard. The layout is now owned by another Pendon modeller – Rex Davidson – and Stephen and Rex will be demonstrating the layout throughout the weekend and will be happy to allow visitors to examine the model closely, ask questions and give any who are interested the chance to drive a train or two themselves.

The photograph is courtesy of Andy York and British Railway Modelling.

Exhibitions and Events

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