Exhibitions and Events

19 to 28 April: 3D photographs of Pendon

For the past 18 months, volunteer Paul Ellis has been working with experts in the field of 3D photography, such as Brian May’s London Stereoscopic Company, and with the modelling magazine BRM. 

He has produced Viewmaster 3D reels of the kind invented in the Pendon period and anaglyph prints published in two BRM supplements each of which reached around 30,000 readers.

This free exhibition runs from 19 to 28 April and features recent photographs of the Vale Scene and of Dartmoor. 

As well as being of interest to photographers, these photographs illustrate superb Pendon modelling, revealing details and perspectives that can be hard for museum visitors to see and appreciate.

Exhibitions and Events

Madder Valley Railway

John Ahern’s famous pioneering Madder Valley layout. It is operated on selected days during the year.