Pendon and Covid-19

Like all museums, Pendon Museum closed in March while we all deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. And like all museums, Pendon Museum is glad that restrictions are starting to lift in our sector, but we’re not yet ready to reopen our doors. Pendon Museum takes the view that the safety of our visitors and our volunteers comes first. We need to make changes to operate safely and at the same time give visitors the experience that we’re known for. 

We do not expect to open the museum before October 2020, although that might change. Reopening is reviewed regularly and we will announce details as soon as we can. You can check our website for an update but the easiest and quickest way to stay abreast of our plans is to subscribe to Pendon News - which you can do at the bottom of this page. Pendon News subscribers will be the first to hear of our reopening plans.

While you’re on our website, please take the opportunity to take a look around:

  • Explore our Virtual Tour of the Vale Scene which takes you round some highlights. Its a 20-30 minute tour of model buildings and trains.
  • Try our digital jigsaws which are designed for a variety of difficulties and ages
  • Look at our Vale Walks which are an opportunity to see some of the buildings we have modelled in glorious countryside.

All can be accessed from the menu strip at the top of this page

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