Madder Valley Railway

John Ahern’s Madder Valley Railway is on permanent display. 

Built entirely by John Ahern, this layout dates from the 1930s and is an historical relic of the early days of scenic railway modelling. It pioneered the idea of scenic craftsmanship. It showed others what could be done and many model light railway and branch line layouts built in the last fifty years are its descendants. 

It was not an absolutely precise dimensionally accurate replica of a real prototype and featured models of narrow gauge locomotives from the Isle of Man, Wales and Devon built to run on 16.5mm gauge track alongside models of standard gauge stock. The buildings were based on buildings that had caught John Ahern’s fancy “Most of my buildings are derived from something, but they are not exact copies”.

Below is a short movie (2 minutes) illustrating Madder Valley in operation.

Please note that the model runs on specific days during the year and these are listed in What's On.

Images of the oldest model railway

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